Get more website traffic from SEO

Most business owners don’t understand their search engine results or where their website ranks for the right keywords for long term growth. Our SEO service is perfect for small business owners and is a methodical process that uses keyword research to improve your website rankings. We uncover what your website needs & use our digital marketing expertise to grow your business.

  • Proven expertise, 200+ reviews.
  • We uncover money wasted on agencies.
  • INdustry & competitor analysis.
  • increase organic search results.
  • Data & analytics proof of results.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?

We estimate that 70% of businesses waste their money getting a website built. Most will spend over $2,000 but have no idea if their website actually delivers traffic, what keywords it gets traffic for or how it ranks on Google.

We can uncover how well your search engine optimisation is performing (or not) and provide a written summary with recommendations and actions.


$ 95
  • One on one meeting.
  • Online brand review.
  • Written summary.
  • $95 credit for website design.

SEO for small business packages

We can provide different levels of SEO development depending on your circumstances. Every business is different and you may even like to do the work yourself using our findings. Our service can be customised to suit your situation.

Scootering website design for scooter rental business


We uncover your website performance with data analysis & reporting.
$ 695 ONE OFF


We take all of our findings & put them into action for you, we do all the work.​
$ 995 FROM


After implementing changes we monitor results & continue to tweak things.​

Why are we different?
No bull$%^t

We put your brand and how you generate sales first, then we design a website that will help you grow your business. Google looks at over 200 different elements to determine if your site is shown in search results, so we use our marketing experience with a data driven process to completing our our website designs.

There is no point showing you a stack of pretty pictures and making lots of promises. Read some of our written reviews from previous Clients to see how well we have performed for them doing marketing, website design and brand development.

Brands we have worked with before

  • Small, medium or large business
  • Various industries
  • 200+ written reviews
  • 20 year proven track record
  • Tailored to your business
  • a range of pricing options
  • casual, ad-hoc, contract
  • regular service packages
My business partner and I hired Paul to help set up and build the brand of our new company 12 weeks ago. Since day one we felt we had a huge amount of support, guidance and an I.T guru in the team.

Paul's extensive knowledge about business marketing, advertising, social media platforms and website development is outstanding. His determination to see us reach our goals is most appreciated.
Tom Russo
Director, Scope Security
La Lente was engaged by my company, Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics to establish a marketing plan and practices for our newly established practice. I found Paul to be incredibly dedicated and unbelievably hard-working from the outset.

He boasts a breadth of knowledge and experience that I had not encountered before, nor since. I would highly recommend Paul for brands or businesses looking to bolster and consolidate their market positioning in a sustainable, scaleable manner.
Dr Rick Iskander
Director, Tailored Teeth
Paul was engaged to prepare a marketing strategy for a new state of the art dental clinic in the heart of Burwood with the aim of increasing patient flow through our doors. His work spanned branding, advertising, marketing and general advice.

His work and work ethic are absolutely brilliant. He has a deep and extensive knowledge of marketing and was able to tailor a plan to suit our requirements and achieve our desired goals.

I highly recommend Paul and would gladly work with him again in the future.
Milad Melham
Director, Tailored Teeth
Paul joined the team at Lotus Cars Australia and immediately set about helping us re-energise the brand within the automotive community.

Paul's understanding of marketing, both traditional and social was extremely beneficial, and when coupled with his ability to shoot emotive photographs, proved to be a winning formula for increasing brand awareness.

Paul invests himself into his work, particularly when he has a passion for what he is doing, and I would have no hesitation on recommending him to prospective employers looking for an energised individual who is passionate about what they do.

Paul leaves us to pursue other passions he has in the photography and marketing world and I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.
Richard Gibbs
Chief Operating Officer, Lotus Cars
Working with Paul over the last couple of years has been both rewarding and challenging.

Paul always looked for new and innovating ideas to expand Logitech's consumer base. In the digital world this gave us as an agency the opportunity to work with a client who was not afraid to push the boundaries to make sure they were leading the charge in client acquisition and market growth.

Paul's never ending enthusiasm not only fired up his team it also rubbed off on to ours.
John Murray
Directory, Synchromesh Marketing
Paul understands consumer electronics and the expansive AP region and it's marketing needs quite thoroughly. As the global brand lead for Logitech, I worked with Paul to implement the new brand across all our regions.

As the lead for AP, Paul was focused and determined to make the transition successful in the region. He championed the brand with all the regional stakeholders and became the key brand ambassador for alignment there.

His attention to detail is stellar and he was continually evaluating ways to improve the regional executions. I appreciated the opportunity to work with him on this project as he made me better at my role through his direct questions and regional expertise.
Paige Lutter
Sr. Manager, Global Brand Equity, Logitech

Common questions about website search engine optimisation

Why would I even need search engine optimisation?

You can have a website that is on the internet, that's easy. Although whether it is getting any traffic, being found for the right keywords relative to your business or reaching the right customers, well, that is another thing entirely. See in most cases a website designer might charge $500 - $2000 to create a simple framework, put in some photos and your contact details using info you provide. Although there isn't any work going into the structure, menus, headings, wording or content so that it is found for the right things.

Think of getting a new website like a new coat of paint on a house, but changing the internal walls, floor layout, electrical wiring, fixtures, fittings and plumbing is like search engine optimisation.

Can you guarantee results from your search engine optimisation?

Well yes and no. We can guarantee that the analysis and development work we do will give you the platform for a more robust search engine profile for your website by correcting what you have in place. Can we guarantee you will be the top ranking website in the world, well no because there are literally hundreds of other factors that influence this. We have a track record of delivering proven results as you will see in our Case Studies and it is a mix of implementing the correct strategy and having the patience for results to materialise.

What makes your seo service different?

We don't profess to be the worlds leading expert on seo development, this may sound unusual, although what we deliver is a mix of experience, expertise and marketing knowledge gained form 20 years helping businesses in different industries. We are not 'black hat' hackers or people who like to cheat the system to gain results.

Why do I have to pay for a Discovery session?

Our Discovery Sessions are not just a cup of coffee with a salesperson. We spend the time to understand your business, talk through a range of possible solutions and give you actionable, written advice that can improve your business.

What's wrong with using a free website builder?

There are lots of choices available to build a website with many of them being made available for free. Although like anything in business, it it isn't done correctly or set up with the right knowledge or expertise, you won't get the results you need.

Do you need to access our current accounts or online profiles?

If we are developing your existing website then we will need access to your Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting Account and Google profiles to be able to complete the work we need to do. We can work with your existing agencies to secure this information.

How can I pay for your services?

Website design can be paid via;
- Direct Deposit
- Credit
- Debit Card
or Direct Debit for ongoing services.

Why does the SEO development pricing differ so much?

Every service provider will be charging different pricing for their services based on their level of expertise and the amount of work required to deliver the outcome you need. A $500 website built via an online job site is not the same as a custom built site that has had seo development work completed too. Google uses over 200 elements to analyse your site and give it a score or 'rank' so there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Can you just update my existing website?

Yes we can, although a lot will depend on how it was set up & how complex it is to understand its structure. We can review this prior to commencing any work. Typically this will involve more work than starting from scratch.

How quickly before I see results with my new website design?

This will depend on the situation e.g if the site is brand new or existing, how the site was performing before and the scope of work we are involved with. We have seen changes to visitor behaviour within 14 days and this can be accelerated using other avenues like Google Ads.