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Business photography in Sydney

Hire a business photographer service to to grow sales

We take awesome photography of your staff, location, products or services so you can use the images to help customers choose your business. 

Using a mix of photography & marketing experience, we will help you create amazing photos that can be used in digital marketing, social media or local advertising.

Photography for business owners can be done at affordable rates to give your company a professional look so you can stop using stock library images taken from the internet.

All inclusive business photography packages

We provide an all-inclusive service with a professional photographer that can take photos for your business in Sydney. Instead of using photos taken from the internet you can use  images of your business, your products, services and team.

Our photography service will craft a collection of images that exceeds your brief. Images can be taken for all types of need from new business website photos to social media content or advertising.

Commercial photography for small or medium business is very affordable & can be done easily.


Product phto to be used on a website with white background for advertising

Photos with a clear background for use on a website or eCommerce store


Wine Gallery Product Photography lifestyle photo on a beach with wine and a hat

Bring your products or services to life by showing them in situation


Isabel's Brand Profile Photography

Create trust by showcasing your staff and their experience on a website or social media.


Product lifestyle photography of a male driving a blue subaru station wagon

Lifelike situations for products or services with people interacting with them


Product photography of an item being sold to a customer in a store or workshop

Show how your business interacts with customers at a location or store.

Business photography for digital marketing


Adding new photos to your website or social media is a great way to increase trust & authenticity for your business. Although many business owners don’t really understand how many people are visiting their website or how they discovered them.

Digital marketing can help your business get found online my more people. Website improvements, SEO, Google Ads & social media can compliment a photography session.

See how Paul D’Ambra from La Lente uses his 20+ years of marketing experience to help other business owners

Local business photography packages from $295

It is very affordable to hire a local professional photographer to create photos for your website with prices starting from $200. You can have great photos for your online eCommerce store, brand or services.  We craft a set of photos that will suit your business, service or brand to appeal to your target customers to help grow your sales quickly.

  • Business location photos
  • Staff or service area photos
  • Product or lifestyle photos
  • Store photos
  • Brand profile photos


$ 295
  • -
  • -


$ 495
  • -
  • -


$ 595

You can choose from a range of optional upgrades

There are no hidden fees or charges, we don’t give you any little surprises just incredible photos of your products. You can choose from a range of upgrades before or after the photo shoot, we give you complete flexibility.

  • Faster 7 day delivery $79
  • Faster 24 hour delivery $179
  • Extra images from $15 ea
  • Photos on USB key & posted $49 ea

Take a look at some of our recent professional photography work.

La Lente is a business photographer in Sydney that understands the requirements for owners to promote their company in print or online. Amazing local small business commercial photography that is authentic and not taken from online libraries is a powerful tool to engage customers.

La Lente can help small businesses tell their unique story in a way that sets them apart from the competition. When your business is showcased with marketing photography that “pops” it will convert more browsers into customers.

La Lente has expertise in photography, social media, marketing and branding to give you priceless momentum for your small business by using powerful visual photography marketing.

“I engaged Paul for some classic car photography services on a vehicle I was putting to auction. The communication and level of professionalism from the start was impressive, but more impressive was the quality of images. Expectations far exceeded, I look forward to working with you again in future.”

Ben Hastings
via Google

“I just wanted to firstly say – please pass on my thanks for everything on the day. Everyone at my party commented on how fantastic La Lente was and really attentive to ensuring I had the best photos for my event. La Lente truly made my day and I forgot to thank you in my speech! Because of La Lente, I will definitely be using your services in the future!! You guys will definitely be my go-to for photography! Thanks again for everything Paul – and i am very much looking forward to seeing all my images!”

Maree Caristo
via eMail

“Highly recommended. Was a bit sceptical about how someone can have so many positive reviews but it is because it’s well deserved. Great photos, service, responsiveness and amazing value. Very happy with result. Thank you Paul and team.”

via Google

Small business branding photography

The secret for any business to grow and flourish long term is to develop is brand so that people engage, follow and want to be involved with it. So many businesses rely on referrals or constantly finding new customers they forget about developing their brand to be wanted.

To start that process you need to have business branding photography that represents the essence of what the company and its people are about. 

A branding photography session can include taking photos of a location, team of people, interaction with customers or even events to be used to showcase what the brand stands for.

Isabel's Brand Profile Photography

Small business product photography

If your business sells products then you might be relying on the manufacturer to provide images of the range you sell. The opportunity is to create your own images that can include the style and presentation of products that fits your business & brand.

A product photography session can be done on location in a store, at a staged site or created as lifestyle images where the products are in use.

All photos can then be used for social media content, blog posts, advertising, brochures or catalogues. Professional photography for small business enables you to compete with larger, global brands.

small business Product Photography

Why should you get professional photography for small business?

I cannot stress enough the importance of professional photography for businesses of all sizes. No matter what the size of your business may be, investing in professional photography services is a crucial step towards building an attractive brand profile, enhancing your credibility, and ultimately increasing your sales, regardless of whether you run a small, medium or large business.

In order to establish your brand profile, it is important to have professional photography done for your business. You need your brand to reflect your business’s values, mission, and goals in order to create an identity that represents your business and its culture. Creating a positive impression on potential customers can be made much easier through the use of high-quality photography that captures the essence of your brand. It is possible to build a library of images that are unique to your brand with the assistance of a professional business photographer, such as product branding photography in Sydney or product lifestyle photography in Sydney, that can be used across your website, social media platforms, marketing materials, and other marketing channels in order to promote your brand. In order to create brand recognition and establish your brand personality, it is very important to be consistent with your visual identity in order to help you stand out from your competitors.

Another reason is that professional photography is a great way to enhance your credibility as a small business owner. As a result of the digital age that we live in, consumers are able to access an inordinate amount of information at their fingertips. As a result, consumers are more likely to trust businesses that have a strong online presence, including high-quality images that highlight the products and services they offer. If you use low-quality, amateur photographs or generic stock library images taken from the internet, this may undermine your business’s reputation and give the impression that you are unprofessional or unreliable. Meanwhile, professional images taken by a local business photographer can demonstrate that you take your business seriously and are dedicated to providing a high-quality product and service to your customers.

It is important to keep in mind that professional photography can help you to increase sales. It has been proven that the use of high-quality photographs in marketing materials has been an effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and drive sales for any business. When used properly, photography in marketing can help to convey the benefits of your product or service in a way that is visually appealing and engaging to your target audience. As an example, a marketing photographer can provide you with product and service photography that illustrates the features and benefits of your products and services, or commercial photography for small businesses that make your establishment look inviting to potential customers and captures the atmosphere of your establishment. By investing in professional photography for businesses, you can create marketing materials that are more likely to be shared, liked and commented on by potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions and repeat business.

Professional photography for small business can help you save time and money in the long run. By investing in professional business photography, you can create a library of images that can be used across a variety of platforms, including social media, websites, brochures and advertisements. This means you won’t need to spend time and money taking your own photos, which can be time-consuming and costly. Moreover, professional photography for businesses can help to create a consistent look and feel across all of your marketing materials, which can help you build a strong and recognisable brand that consumers will remember easily.

Now let’s put yourself in the consumer’s shoes for a second. If they are searching online for a local service provider or a business to buy goods or services from, then the chances are they are going to look at at least three or four different options. Most likely they will do a search using Google to see what businesses show in that provide what they need, they’ll then visit each website, maybe even browse social media profiles too. Subconsciously they will be looking at how each business presents themselves, what type offeeling theyy create and how professional they look.

If two businesses use professional photography and the third has very generic photos that don’t feel like they are legitimate or from that actual business, then which business do you think the consumer will choose (even if they aren’t aware of their actual rationale)? Most likely they will go for the company that looks and feels more legitimate, more personable and can be trusted to deliver what they are offering. Amazing photos of the staff, the location, products, service or even behind the scenes photos can help with that decision making to attract more customers.

Professional photography for business is a crucial investment for small, medium and large-sized companies alike. It can help establish your brand profile, enhance your credibility, increase your sales, and save you time and money in the long run. If you’re looking for a small business branding photographer, a photographer for business or a professional business photographer in Sydney, consider looking into local business photography packages or professional photography for small business services to help you take your business to the next level.

We take hundreds of photos per hour for any booking to make sure we are capturing the right images based on your booking. Our photography is then crafted to deliver images that suit the booking you have made. So for an event or party there is a story created from start to finish. For commercial photos shoots it would be different angles, positions or design elements to show off a product or service. We then provide a selection of the best photos for you to choose from.

We use professional photography equipment from Canon (and other brands) that include digital SLR camera bodies, professional lenses and lighting equipment.​

Typically the hi-resolution digital photos provided are 3MB+ in size per image which are suitable for prints, enlargements, canvas and photobooks.​

You can change your booking date, but your deposit will be forfeited and would need to be paid again for the new date. This is because we would have most likely declined other bookings for your date.​

La Lente doesn’t use free services like DropBox or just upload the photos to a Facebook photo folder.

We provide a personalised online photo gallery service that enables you to mark your favourites, share them with friends, order prints and more. You also have the option of receiving them on a USB key.​

You can select this as an upgrade option. They aren’t provided for free as we need to purchase a USB keys, then spend time copying the files, packing, posting and managing the administration to get it sent off. Therefore we offer the personal online gallery as the initial option to get your photos which is free of charge and USB as an optional extra.​
La Lente receives payment for our professional photography services via;
– Direct Deposit
– Credit
– Debit Card
– PayPal

We have a number of photography job bookings scheduled into our workflow at any given time. So these are processed based on the booking date. We can bring your job forward if required & there are options for 7 day or 24 hour turnaround package upgrades.

Generally speaking photos provided are for personal use only and not to be used by 3rd parties for their commercial gain or promotional benefits.

We can provide an option for them to purchase the images that includes a commercial use license. The reason for this is we are using our expertise, equipment and skill to capture photos to make a living, so another business should therefore pay for images they would like to use as they would any other service provider.