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Car photographer
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Hire a car photographer in Croydon Park

My name is Charlie and my uncle is helping me earn pocket money doing car photography in Croydon Park. 

I love cars and I can take professional car photos in Croydon Park so that you can sell your car on Car Sales or Facebook Marketplace very quickly or make art to put on your wall.

I can take high quality photos that are better than the ones you can take with your mobile phone. 

Professional car photographer in Croydon Park

If you want to maximise the resale value of your used car to sell it on Carsales, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree then the best way to do that is with professional car photos.

High quality photos can attract potential buyers to your car listing much faster than poorly taken images using a smartphone. 

Using professional camera equipment & car photographer expertise can produce high quality images that will help you sell your car quickly.

Car photographer in Croydon Park for sports or classic cars

We can take professional photos of sports cars, muscle cars or classic cars. If you need photos to sell your car or you want to create a photo to make art for your wall we take high resolution photos that are suitable for both purposes.

Car photography to make posters or framed photos

Professional car photo printed and framed on the wall

Our camera equipment can take high resolution images that are large enough to be used for creating wall art. These images can be printed large enough for most room sizes or even canvas prints.

Car photography pricing in Croydon Park

The pricing for our car photography photo sessions in Croydon Park are all inclusive with no hidden costs or charges. We do include final, high-resolution digital photos that have been edited. The final list of inclusions will vary depending on the type of car photo shoot you choose.

Car photography under $100

Car photography packages in Croydon Park

Every car photographer in Croydon Park will have different packages depending on the location of the car photo shoot and complexity of the session. We can can customise a package to suit your specific needs, location and vehicle. 

Our range of car photography sessions are all inclusive packages with very competitive rates so that you can get a photo shoot at the right price. Our photography pricing will vary depending on the car photoshoot location and the amount of time needed.

We can adjust our pricing & packages to suit any type or style of photo shoot you are after. Just send us an obligation free enquiry.

Basic Car
Photography Package

Sell your car fast
$77 inc GST

Deluxe Car
Photography Package

Great photos of your car
$137 inc GST

Premium Car
Photography Package

Get creative car photos
$187 inc GST
Car photographer reviews service

“I engaged Paul for some classic car photography services on a vehicle I was putting to auction. The communication and level of professionalism from the start was impressive, but more impressive was the quality of images. Expectations far exceeded, I look forward to working with you again in future.”

Ben Hastings
via Google

“So I have sold and bought quite a few cars over the years through Carsales. Presentation is the key to a good advert – let the buyer see what they are getting, stand out from others etc and this is where La Lente help your car stand out. High quality photos, high resolution mean that your car will look just that little bit (in some case a lot) better than the others.

I recently sold a car that I thought would take quite a while to move so that’s were the investment in some high quality photos, a cut above your shaky hand iPhone efforts came in. Sold on carsales in less than 24 hours and I’m sure the photos played a big part in that.

The good thing about Paul is that he is in to cars which helps the process.”

Peter Cheesman
via Google

“Engaged Paul to take a photo of my Motorcycle for Bikesales. He was very responsive over the emails when organising the photo shoot. During the shoot, his instructions were clear and easy to work with. The delivery of the photos were timely and very professional. Would definitely recommend La Lente.”

Sam Chiew
via Google

“It was great working with Paul. I could easily tell that he is very passionate about what he does. He was more than happy to work with my ideas on some of the shots on the day. His attention to detail and skills were hard to miss. Knowing all the right angles to go with different backgrounds and lighting helped in the amazing result.

I’m really happy with how the photos came out. Would definitely recommend La Lente to anyone.”

via Facebook

“It was great working with Paul for our car photo shoot, whole process was smooth and easy and the result was amazing!”

Nick Xu
via Facebook

“Wow. It’s tempting NOT to sell now.”

via eMail

“Paul is extremely friendly and easy to work with. Paul has an amazing talent for photography and is able to capture an object or person in a unique way. Would highly recommend.”

Adam Davies
via Facebook

“Paul did amazing at capturing photos for my car, he was the perfect mix of being professional as well as quite funny which made for a great shoot!”

Blake Smuc
via Facebook

“Fantastic work by Paul and very easy to work with. We are extremely happy with our photos from our car photo shoot. Defiantly will use Paul for future events”

Marissa Hatzi
via Facebook
Common questions about getting a professional car photographer in Croydong Park

A car photography session in Croydon Park can be done in a car park, outside your house or even on a street. In Croydon Park we will use a location that is near Flower Power or Henley Park in most situations.

Car photography pricing starts at $77 inc gst 

La Lente has a range of car photography pricing to suit different needs and I can take photos at some of the best car photoshoot locations in Sydney.

Well if you are trying to sell a very average, low cost, car then maybe photos you take with a mobile phone might be good enough. Although if you want to maximise your resale value and attract the most buyers, then getting professional car photography for your Carsales, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace Ad Listing will help you achieve that.

I have sold two of my own cars to interstate buyers who flew up from Melbourne and bought the car after seeing it just in photos. They were confident of knowing exactly what they were buying and being able to see every little detail with professional photos.

Carsales photos that are taken with a mobile phone will have difficulties capturing all the details in mixed lighting and typically most people don’t have a very creative eye to do the right framing or positioning.

If you are trying to sell a car that is very common or even something that is valuable and rare, then getting professional carsales photos will help your vehicle stand out from the thousands of other cars for sale online.​

We can sometimes take hundreds of photos per hour for any photoshoot booking to make sure we are capturing the right images & variations for your vehicle. Our photos are then hand edited and crafted to deliver digital images that suit the vehicle & type of booking you have made.
Yes, the car photos that La Lente provides are high resolution digital .jpg images which can be used on any popular car classified online website or marketplace ad listing. The photos are sharp, detailed and have the right lighting to show off all your vehicles best details so that you stand out from the other listings.
The parts of a car that we take photos of will really depend on the type of booking that has been made and how much time is available. For a photo session that is for Carsales ad listings we will make sure front, rear, sides, interior, optional extras and full body photos are taken as a minimum. For longer photo shoot sessions we will either use multiple locations or set up shots that will suit the style of the vehicle.
We use professional photography equipment from Canon (and other brands) that include digital SLR camera bodies, professional lenses and lighting equipment.​

Typically the hi-resolution digital photos provided are 3MB+ in size per image which are suitable for prints, enlargements, canvas and photobooks.​

You can change your booking date, but your deposit will be forfeited and would need to be paid again for the new date. This is because we would have most likely declined other bookings for your date.​

La Lente doesn’t use free services like DropBox or just upload the photos to a Facebook photo folder.

We provide a personalised online photo gallery service that enables you to mark your favourites, share them with friends, order prints and more. You also have the option of receiving them on a USB key.​

You can select this as an upgrade option. They aren’t provided for free as we need to purchase a USB keys, then spend time copying the files, packing, posting and managing the administration to get it sent off. Therefore we offer the personal online gallery as the initial option to get your photos which is free of charge and USB as an optional extra.​
La Lente receives payment for our professional photography services via;
– Direct Deposit
– Credit
– Debit Card
– PayPal

We have a number of photography job bookings scheduled into our workflow at any given time. So these are processed based on the booking date. We can bring your job forward if required & there are options for 7 day or 24 hour turnaround package upgrades.

Generally speaking photos provided are for personal use only and not to be used by 3rd parties for their commercial gain or promotional benefits.

We can provide an option for them to purchase the images that includes a commercial use license. The reason for this is we are using our expertise, equipment and skill to capture photos to make a living, so another business should therefore pay for images they would like to use as they would any other service provider.