A personalised gift voucher for photography.

La Lente Photography Gift Voucher

A photography gift voucher is a great idea when you are trying to think of a gift that can be personalised. While lots of other gift vouchers are fixed amounts with pre-set options we can create one that suits any type of occasion. We have listed a few voucher ideas below but we can customise one to suit your needs.

Photography gift voucher ideas



- 1 hour
- Outdoor photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images



- 1 hour
- On-site photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images



- Up to 60 mins
- Outdoor photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images

Muscle Car Photography in Sydney


- Up to 30 mins
- Outdoor photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images

Isabel's Brand Profile Photography


- 45 mins
- On-site photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images



- 45 mins
- Outdoor photography
- Editing / styling
- Incl 5 x final images

Order a photography gift voucher

We are based in Sydney based, but can be available to take photos anywhere.

Photography Gift Voucher Questions

What's a personalised photography gift voucher?

We can craft anything you like to create a personalised photography gift voucher. By providing a few details we can tailor something that is suitable to you whether that is a car photo shoot, family portrait session or even event photography. 

At La Lente Photography we are all about capturing life in it’s pure rawness. Let us into your world to create those memories to take with you wherever you go with our unique candid photography of places, people and events.

What's is included with a photography gift voucher?

  • An electronic copy of the Gift Voucher.
  • Your personalised information and message.
  • 10 x high resolution digital photos per session.
  • Each photo receives individual hand editing.
  • Each gets photo has light retouching and styling.
  • Photos provided via an online photo gallery.
  • No watermarks on the images.
  • Photos in high resolution suitable for printing, enlargements, canvas etc

where can photos be taken when using the voucher

This will depend on the voucher type that is purchased but we can take photos practically anywhere although we don’t have a studio.

how is a photo shoot session organised

We provide a free email and/or telephone consultation to work through all the details with the recipient. We can even use other photos for reference if required for inspiration.

How long is a gift voucher valid for

12 months from the date of purchase. The recipient simply makes contact with us to book a suitable time.

will there be more than 10 photos available

Yes – from the photo shoot the gift voucher recipient will be able to choose from a hand selected gallery of images to pick their favourite 10 photos. They have the choice of then purchasing more photos if they like.

How to compare photography gift vouchers?

There are a few things to look at when trying to make a selection;

  • What are the location/s available?
  • How many actual photos are provided?
  • Do you receive prints or digital files?
  • What are the cost of extra images? 
  • What is the expiry date?
  • Is it the actual photographer or an assistant taking the photos?

How long does it take to receive a gift voucher?

A photographer gift voucher can normally be provided within 24-48 hours of receiving payment.

We will then create the voucher using the details you provided us including any special messages etc.