Hire a professional photographer in Sydney

  • photographer with 200+ reviews.
  • birthday party & event photography
  • car photographer
  • food photography for menus
  • photography & marketing packages

Photography gift vouchers

We can personalise a gift voucher for our photography services to create the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays or other occasions. A range of choices to suit any budget with 12 months validity.

Unlike socks or undies, its a gift that will last a a lifetime.

What do we include in our photography services?

We provide an all-inclusive service with a professional photographer that can take photos for your party, event or business. Available 7 days a week.

  • a preview within 7 days
  • final photos within 28 days
  • light photo editing
  • light photo retouching
  • individually hand crafted styling
  • hi-resolution files for enlargements
  • low-resolution files for social media
  • no watermarks on images
  • delivery via a personalised online gallery

“It was great working with Paul for our car photo shoot, whole process was smooth and easy and the result was amazing!”

Nick Xu
via Facebook

“We recently hired Paul to take photos of our retail location which comprises lifestyle, cafe, plants, garden. He was amazing. Did a thorough job in advance to know what we wanted so we could then work quickly on the day of shooting. He was self sufficient and worked quickly to get the shots done within our timeframe and budget. The shots he delivered were incredible and we literally chose everyone! Would highly recommend.”

Jessica Theuerjahr
Digital Marketing Coordinator Eden Gardens

“We were gifted a portrait session to celebrate our engagement. I was nothing but awkward but Paul and Lyn helped us to feel comfortable and create a more light hearted shoot. They ensured we left the day with photos we would love! Which we did!!! The turnaround was extremely fast and they offered us a fanatic deal to purchase more photos. Couldn’t recommended them any more!”

Brooklyn Smith
via Google

Common questions about hiring a photographer

How many photos are taken?

We take hundreds of photos per hour for any booking to make sure we are capturing the right images based on your booking. Our photography is then crafted to deliver images that suit the booking you have made. So for an event or party there is a story created from start to finish. For commercial photos shoots it would be different angles, positions or design elements to show off a product or service. We then provide a selection of the best photos for you to choose from.

What photography equipment do you use?

We use professional photography equipment from Canon and other brands that include digital SLR cameras, professional lenses and lighting equipment.

Can I change the date of a booking?

You can change your booking date, but your deposit will be forfeited and would need to be paid again for the new date. This is because we would have most likely declined taking other bookings for your date.

How do I get the photos that are taken?

We don't use free services like DropBox or similar. We use a personalised online gallery system that enables you to mark your favourites, share them with friends, order prints and more. You have the option of ordering them on a USB key.

Do I get a copy of the photos on a USB key?

You can select this as an upgrade option. They aren't provided for free as we need to purchase a USB keys, then spend time copying the files, packing, posting and managing the administration to get it sent off. Therefore we offer the personal online gallery as the initial option to get your photos which is free of charge and USB as an optional extra.

How can I pay for the photography service?

Website design can be paid via;
- Direct Deposit
- Credit
- Debit Card
or Direct Debit for ongoing services.

Why can't I get my photos straight after my event?

We have a number of jobs scheduled into our photography workflow at any given time that are processed based on the booking date. We can bring your job forward if required & there are options for 7 day or 24 hour turnaround.

Can the photos be shared with my vendors or suppliers?

All photos provided are for personal use only and not to be used by 3rd parties for their commercial use or promotion. We can provide an option for them to purchase the images that includes a commercial use license. The reason for this is we are using our expertise, equipment and skill to capture photos which is how we make a living, so another business should therefore pay for images they would like to use.

How big are the photos, are they high-resolution?

Typically the hi-resolution digital photos provided are 3MB+ in size per image which are suitable for prints, enlargements, canvas and photobooks.