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Natasha's 1st Birthday Party Photography

1st birthday party photography with an animal petting zoo

Some say never take photos of kids or animals although for this birthday party photography session there was both, what a mix. A perfect way to celebrate a kids 1st birthday party is a casual, fun backyard event with a petting zoo.

Natasha had all kinds of animals to choose from with baby lambs, chickens and others wandering around in the play pen area. Ashlea was a little worried about whether it would be too hard to get photos with so many distractions but it was a great way to capture kids photography in a fun way.

Ashlea's Review

“Paul recently shot my daughters first birthday party. It was a huge event with my mother’s group, friends, family and a petting zoo! Paul was a machine – the silent, stealthy type that works hard it the background without all the flashing lights and loud noises. He was punctual, professional, friendly, reasonably priced and his photo’s blew me away. The photographs were ready the next day, fully edited and available for download via email link, in high and low resolution. It was so easy to share all the party photo’s with all my guests. No fuss, priceless pictures, amazing photographer. It’s great to know I have found a professional, talented photographer, with his own unique style.”



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