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A coachella hens party photographer in Sydney

Stacey’s hens party had a fun Coachella theme at Ivy Penthouse with lots of energy creating amazing candid, natural party photos.

We were hired as the event photographer for Stacey’s coachella themed hens party that was held at Ivy Penthouse in Sydney. Alicia, Stacey’s best friend, had invited about 40 close friends to attend a relaxed afternoon of nibbles and drinks in the exclusive penthouse event area. 

The Ivy Penthouse has to be one of the best hens party venues in Sydney. It has ample space, including a sunken lounge area, a huge circular leather sofa, large outdoor hot tub, fully stocked bar and kitchen. It’s a great way to have a hens party in style & a great way to create some amazing hens or bachelorette party photos in Sydney.

What made this event photography even more fun were the different Coachella-style activities available like;

  • Henna tattoos
  • Face make up & painting
  • Gelato bar ice cream cart
  • Party games
  • Music DJ

With an open bar ready for cocktail making there was plenty to do, eat & drink. We took some great photos using the bath tub, the huge 8 person shower & the bar area. There is plenty of space in this party venue to create all types of funny hen party pics.

A few samples of our hens party venue photography in Sydney

Alicia & Stacey's review about our photography

“Where can I start?! I’ve just seen previews of our photos and I am absolutely blown away. Wow! You have captured every single moment perfectly and you both made everyone feel so comfortable and at ease whilst doing it. I already can’t wait until I have to host another event so that I can book you again. Absolutely recommend!”


“What an absolutely amazing day!! I could not recommend these guys more. These photos capture each and every moment and emotion of the entire afternoon. What a great team to work with, everyone felt so at ease about having them there..Made me feel like a celebrity love!!”



5 hens party game ideas

Give person a bingo game card. Each time one of your numbers is called you have to mark it off & either make a noise or say a word that you would when you are with your partner. First one to fill the card calls out “I’m coming!”


An oldie but a goodie. This game tests how well does the Hen really know her husband-to-be. Before the party, the hen’s party organiser should contact the husband-to-be & write a list of questions for the game, the more embarrassing the better to get fun reactions from guests which make great photos. Stay away from the typical questions and get into more embarrassing territory to get bigger reactions from guests.


Prior to the hen’s party the hen’s party organiser should wrap dares like a pass the parcel game. Make the dares as funny & as embarrassing as possible. Get the guests to sit in a circle. Play some fun music & randomly stop the music. Whoever the parcel stops at, has to open a layer of paper. If a dare is found inside, they must act it out. Perfect for great photography.


A hilarious hen’s party game. Make a list of items that the Hen has to collect during the evening and it could be a fresh flower, drink, shoes, underwear, anything really. We will take photos of the Hen acquiring the items. It will make a hilarious photo collection to look back at.


Ask each guest to write one piece of advice for the Hen that can be read out allowed when everyone is together in a group


Ivy Penthouse event photographer

Where is Ivy Penthouse?
It is in the heart of Sydney near Martin Place. 


Why choose Ivy Penthouse for an event?

As they say “When you want to take entertaining to the next level…head up to Ivy Penthouse.”

We think it is one of the best venues in Sydney for an event or party with its luxury feel, big open spaces and lots of little areas people can use to chill out and relax. Did we mention the huge bathtub, bar area and hot spa?

it is considered one of the best “tucked-away” event spaces in Sydney. It overlooks the Pool Club, with a spa, custom-built bar and balcony surrounded by lush tropical planting, ivy Penthouse is a private oasis for hosting an event like a birthday party, engagement party or even a hens party.




What event features does Ivy Penthouse have?

  • It can accomodate up to 120 guests, so there is plenty of space for great photography without people being too squashed.
  • It is ideal for everything from end of year parties, PR launches, corporate events, birthday celebrations (private dinner on the terrace anyone?) and cocktail parties.
  • Spend the day with drink in hand, mingle outside, take a seat on our huge curved leather couch, or let your hair down and have a boogie by the bar.
  • Space for a DJ, ice cream cart and other vendors to keep your guests entertained.
  • Catering done in the room.
  • Available for business events and private functions.
  • Wi-Fi throughout venue complex.


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