Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Photography in Sydney

A photo shoot for Paul’s Mercedes Benz C63 AMG so he could create huge wall prints for his office.

This Mercedes Benz C63 AMG photography session was taken in an industrial area of Sydney to compliment the tough stance of this station wagon. An ideal location for car photography its rough landscape helps the AMG stand out and suits the angry style of this car. Paul booked the photo session to prepare his car for sale on carsales, eBay & Facebook Marketplace although he also wanted a professional photo print enlargement for his office wall.

The Mercedes-AMG C 63 range was introduced a few years ago with a motorsport-inspired breathtaking V8 engine, enhanced by the AMG division. It is a range of sedans, coupe and station wagons with cutting-edge vehicle technology and amazing performance.

Paul knew that professional car photography would help him sell his car faster on carsales but also give him high quality photos to create prints and enlargements from.

We selected this great car photography location in Sydney to give us plenty of space to take photos of the exterior and interior, plus construct some hero photos for Paul to print. 


It meant we had different angles and plenty of space to work with and we crafted a set of photos that had some light styling and also some black and white options (which he then decided to print)


We provide a range of car photography prices to suit all types of needs whether it is a simple carsales photo shoot or something on location for a classic or sports car to be photographed.

A few of our recent car photography reviews

“It was great working with Paul for our car photo shoot, whole process was smooth and easy and the result was amazing!”

“Wow. It’s tempting NOT to sell now.”

“Paul is extremely friendly and easy to work with. Paul has an amazing talent for photography and is able to capture an object or person in a unique way. Would highly recommend.”

“Paul did amazing at capturing photos for my car, he was the perfect mix of being professional as well as quite funny which made for a great shoot!”

“Fantastic work by Paul and very easy to work with. We are extremely happy with our photos from our car photo shoot. Defiantly will use Paul for future events”


Why is Car Photography a good idea?

If you want to stand out on carsales, then getting a professional photo shoot can create amazing memories.

  • You will get photos of your car that are taken with the correct lighting, contrast and depth of field to add impact for wall prints or canvas. 
  • Professional photos can provide better perspective and angles to show off your car better.
  • The smaller lens aperture of a phone camera can give good results in reasonable lighting, but can’t compete in mixed lighting conditions, you simply can’t get enough light through the small camera hole on the phone.
  • A professional photographer has experience taking photos in different conditions, locations and knows how to use different situations to create great car photos.
  • A professional will know how to manage things for your car photo shoot like;
    • What time of day to take the photos.
    • What angles will work best for your type of car.
    • Do a few test shots first to make sure everything is set correctly.
    • Understand how to create the right composition.
    • Keep an eye on things like shadows or backgrounds that can be distracting.
    • See great design elements or key things to show off in your listing like design details.
    • Making sure the photos look genuine and not from a magazine photo shoot or image from Google.

See more samples of our professional photography


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