Business Marketing and Events for Lotus Cars

An incredible marketing success story working for Lotus Cars Australia with one of the most famous brands of sports car in the world. We provided an entire mix of marketing services to completely overhaul the brand’s profile in Australia delivering over $3M in sales growth and market share with a budget of less than $50,000.

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The strongest growth period in 4 years

Lotus sports cars had changed ownership many times in recent years and in Australian had been passed around multiple distributors. Simply Sports Cars in Sydney had become the leading Dealer in Australia and also won the rights to distribute the brand. The business didn’t have a marketing function so we were contracted give them the expertise they needed to develop the brand. 

With a limited budget the brief was to leverage any asset or relationship available to generate exposure for the brand & the lifestyle that comes with ownership. Without resorting to price discounts or typical automotive promotions we used our mix of photography, social media, community management and digital marketing expertise to bring to life the cars, events and driving experiences on offer.

Examples of La Lente Photography marketing services for Lotus Cars Australia

Our marketing for Lotus.

The brand was unable to make any changes or develop the global Lotus Cars website so we used the existing local dealer website as a platform to build from. Our first steps were to improve the website content to bring the ownership experience to life then use new places like forums, Facebook groups, local car clubs and other locations to get exposure beyond their ‘owned’ platforms. 

Our contracted period covered just over two years without agency involvement with the bulk of the work done in-house to reduce costs, maximise efficiency and deliver a very high level of authenticity. 

These are the key areas we worked on, take a look at their profiles that are in still in use today

  • Website search engine optimisation.
  • Content creation using a mix of photography & videography.
  • Social media, forum and Facebook group community management.
  • Public relations management with local media & car clubs.
  • Event management for vehicle displays and driving events.
  • Marketing collateral creation for the showroom and events.
  • Google My Business listing optimisation.
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console optimisations.
  • Google Ad Words campaign management.
  • Vehicle and event photography

The first year of growth in 4 years.

Carsales photography in Sydney Red Lotus Elise Sports Car photo taken by La Lente Photography photo

We delivered immediate results that were tracked and measured using Google Analytics, Google Search Console & the social media platform insights tools, not to mention comments from the Lotus Community. We made a huge improvement to website traffic, grew engagement levels across all social profiles, became the leading contributor in local Forums and even secured TV coverage for the brand on four occasions.   

The brand experienced their first year of sales growth in 4 years at a time when other brands were in decline. The community became fully engaged with a constant flow of content created that told stories about the cars, the people and the fellowship Lotus ownership created.

Here are some highlights from our marketing services;

  • New content pages & brand communications for the local website.
  • A 500% increase in website traffic with over 23,000 page views generated.
  • More than 50 content pieces created covering all manner of sports car ownership.
  • Facebook & Instagram profiles doubling in size to over 4,000 followers.
  • Content pieces created that reached over 30,000 people.
  • The leading contributor to the local Lotus Forum 'Aussieelises'
  • Prominent community engagement via Disqus on car websites.
  • Secured National TV coverage 4 times for the brand with $0 investment.
  • Secured the purchase of 3 vehicles used in promotional executions.
  • Created a local journalist database & CRM system.
  • Achieved review coverage for the first time in years on local websites and magazines.
  • Grew event participation that led to the full time role creation for Event Management.
  • Overhauled CRM system with owner vs vehicle to enable personalised emails.
  • Lead and managed the annual marketing calendar.
  • Engaged with local car clubs and participated in charity events like 'Soar and Roar'
  • Created and managed a local intranet portal for all brand assets.
  • Created direct to consumer engagement mechanisms using WhatsApp.
  • Refreshed all vehicle stock and event photography for use in promotional materials.
  • Created unique driving experiences like 'Challenge Bathurst' and 'Twilight Rallysprint'
Lotus Cars Melbourne Showroom with a photo on the wall taken by La Lente Photography

"Paul joined the team at Lotus Cars Australia and immediately set about helping us re-energise the brand within the automotive community.

Paul's understanding of marketing, both traditional and social was extremely beneficial, and when coupled with his ability to shoot emotive photographs, proved to be a winning formula for increasing brand awareness.

Paul invests himself into his work, particularly when he has a passion for what he is doing, and I would have no hesitation on recommending him to prospective employers looking for an energised individual who is passionate about what they do.

Paul leaves us to pursue other passions he has in the photography and marketing world and I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours."

Richard Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer, Lotus Cars Australia

"Paul is dedicated and passionate, with a creative flair for brand marketing and PR.

During our time working together Paul demonstrated excellent in-market activation of marketing activity with fantastic results."

Rob Borrett, PR Director, Lotus Cars Global

"Big loss for SSC, you have done more for Lotus marketing in your tenure than Lotus HQ has done ever. However it's good to see that your passion is pushing you to higher goals!

Definitely look forward to seeing you around as much as possible."

Jonathan, Lotus Owner

"Best of luck with everything Paul, you have made a significant and lasting impact on the Lotus brand here in Australia, and you should be deservedly proud of that. Keep in touch, and good luck!"

Ashton, Chairman, Club Lotus Australia

" will be missed by all of us Paul. Your contributions to SCC have been indescribable. It went from a small back street garage where I spent plenty of time watching Lee tinker with my car while I irritatingly stood by and passed the occasional tool to him(usually the wrong one), and now to see it represent the whole of us I Australia in a professional and well ru organisation. I wish you well mate, and hope you enjoy your next venture."

David, Lotus Owner

"It's a big loss for Lotus and the community. Sad to see you go but we must follow our own path. Many thanks for being the most dynamic force I've ever seen in car marketing and for giving us more than a few chuckles on the forum. Sorry I never got to meet you in person (just never at SSC at the same moment as you nor at the same track days) hope to see you at the track in the future. Best wishes for your new endeavours."

Steve, Lotus Owner

"It's a big loss for Lotus and the community. Sad to see you go but we must follow our own path.

Many thanks for being the most dynamic force I've ever seen in car marketing and for giving us more than a few chuckles on the forum.

Sorry I never got to meet you in person (just never at SSC at the same moment as you nor at the same track days) hope to see you at the track in the future. Best wishes for your new endeavours."

Steve, Lotus Owner

Our recommendations.

While it is always easy to highlight the great marketing achievements delivered we also make sure we provide recommendations for our clients to follow after our contract is completed. For Lotus Cars Australia we had suggested they focus on the following areas;

  • Continue to share stories about the people & community driving the cars.
  • Avoid the use of cheap gimmicks or seasonal promotional discounts to sell cars.
  • Maintain a presence on the local forums and Facebook groups.
  • Continue attending grass roots events to engage with car enthusiasts.
  • Share content across all platforms including Google My Business.
  • Avoid using brochure derived wording and phrasing.

Reviews of our marketing work

Here are some reviews of our marketing services that have been written by people we have worked closely with.

I engaged Paul to help tighten up my website. He was quick and gave good advice on where I could improve my sites language to be better found and more accessible.

Adam Beaumont
Director - With Purpose Consulting

I engaged Paul to provide marketing inputs to help our brand generate more leads. In a very short time he uncovered a number of marketing execution gaps, especially with our digital marketing. What impressed us was his ability to very quickly grasp lots of technical information and deliver a marketing audit that gave us a framework of practical steps across our sales & marketing teams to improve our results. 12 months on and Paul’s mix of website and seo development has seen the brand enjoy record visitor numbers, our highest ever organic search volumes & a constant flow of quality, Australian leads. His common sense, data driven approach to marketing has given us results that previous (very costly) agencies failed to deliver.

Michael Larobina
Chief Executive Officer - Realserve

“I’ve just navigated the website and gotta say I’m really blown away….looks Modern…jumps out at you and is so consumer informative…not to mention all the examples of work and case studies. Kudos to you for a mammoth effort.

We engaged Paul D’Ambra to revitalise our tired old website. Paul worked with our team diligently ensuring he educated himself on all aspects of our business and then went to work on creating an amazing website – Fresh – Interactive and Consumer informative.

I’m amazed at his professional work ethic and attention to detail.

Blown away by the end result and very grateful.”

Tony Hrvatin
Director - Genesis Retail Displays

“Contacted Paul after getting pushed around the ringer with other companies, straight from the start he told me what i needed to do to improve my company and gave me a detailed quote explaining this. very! very! happy with my new website and look forward to working with you further to develop my marketing strategies.”

Dylan Doncevski
Director of Passion Built

“Paul, thank you so much for the on-line marketing audit. Volumes of insight and practical examples of what needs to be done. Paul provides value well beyond expectations. We now have The Playbook!”

Andrew Mansfield
Director Genesis Retail Displays

“I feel like you have gone above and beyond what we were expecting. Really appreciate your efforts, also as an engineer loved the science backed nature of the whole process as well.

When above and beyond to ensure we got the best possible service. Paul also has great technical insights into the backend of SEO which really helped us to boost our profile.”

Shem Richards
Founder - Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

“Paul did a full website overhaul for us….in 10 days! Not only was he able to hit this timeline but he produced a very rich site. Our website gives our customers confidence, attracts far more prospective customers and provides a space that lives up to our mission. Impressive work Paul!

The process has been detailed, which has resulted in a very impressive site. The depth of the website is the key positive feedback from a lot of people who I’ve already shared it with.”

Jamin Richards
Director - Goldilocks Pty Ltd

“Paul at La Lente has recently been helping us with some backend website audits and it’s been a huge help to the company. Paul peels back the layers of secrecy around the backend of websites and tells you what works and what doesn’t – simple! So much easier and yet, his work is detailed and we’re already seeing the benefits. Would recommend Paul to anyone who’s not sure if they’re website is working at its optimum!”

Social Media Manager, Ozone Clinic

“The audit is like nothing I have ever seen before! Can’t wait to get through all of the points and dominate online with your help!”

James Becerra
Director - Switch Health Group