Lotus Car Parts Product Photography

Product photography created for use on websites, social media and marketing materials.

These product photography photos were taken to create a library of photos to be used as assets for online selling, social media, marketing materials & in-store communication pieces. The photographic brief required full product shots, highlights of product details or special features and where possible, examples of the item in situation.

The product photographer were taking mainly on a white background for easier management and application across the various usage scenarios. They are ideal for use on amazon.com.au, eBay, Gumtree as well as applications such as Shopify or WordPress.

our recent reviews

“We recently hired Paul to take photos of our retail location which comprises lifestyle, cafe, plants, garden. He was amazing. Did a thorough job in advance to know what we wanted so we could then work quickly on the day of shooting. He was self sufficient and worked quickly to get the shots done within our timeframe and budget. The shots he delivered were incredible and we literally chose everyone! Would highly recommend.”

“Paul was very fexible and accommodating when engaged to take professional photos of our executives and photograph our corporate Christmas dinner and entertainment. Paul was fun to work with on the night.”

“Wonderful, timely photos and great personal service. So pleased to have worked with Paul.”


A sample of our product photography

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