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Alexandra's Kitchen Tea Party Photography

A fun Kitchen Tea Party photography session taken at home with the house transformed with great decorations and indulgent food.

Alexandra had her Kitchen Tea Party photography taken in her home. She wanted photos of her party as part of her wedding planning in a candid, fun and natural style.

A Kitchen Tea Party or Bridal Shower or Hens Party are one of the many pre-wedding events that the bridal party will help plan or organise before the big day.   

Alexandra invited her nearest and dearest friends and all guests were to bring a smile and nothing else. Although many did bring thoughtful gifts, showering the bride with happiness and love. Our party photography crafted a set of photos with a very light, bright style to suit the event.

What is a Kitchen Tea Party?

As mentioned above a Kitchen Tea Party is a pre-wedding celebration in which women who are friends with, or related to the bride to be, gather together. Traditionally it would be at the bride or her mother’s home to celebrate her upcoming wedding with games, food and drinks. As the name suggests guests may bring the bride a gift for the kitchen so they can assist her in setting up the marital home. Although in a more modern context many brides have already left home and have everything already. So the kitchen tea becomes more about celebrating with loved ones and playing some games, as opposed to an emphasis on gift-giving.

Bridal Shower vs a Kitchen Tea Party?

A Bridal Shower is an alternative to a Kitchen Tea and are quite similar in nature but not traditionally the same. The slight difference is the Kitchen Tea was more focused on helping the bride set up her kitchen, whereas the bridal shower relates to ‘showering’ the bride with gifts for her whole home, as well as items for the bride personally.

A lot of these types of events have evolved over time and use to be held a few weeks prior to the wedding and would be female guests only. These days pre-wedding events are being held up to eight weeks prior to reduce stress and increase planning time. The guest list has also changed with quite a few events including very close male friends. Either way, it is your event, so you can do what you like!

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