EKO Android TV Product Marketing

We provided assistance to the Ayonz Pty Ltd team, distributors of the EKO Android TV range, to help improve their product marketing activities. The team wanted a more systematic way to increase the awareness levels of the brand using social media and public relations to support their exclusive retail customer Big W. 

Our work lead to record levels of online exposure for the brand in a short space of time as well as a host of marketing operation improvements to aid long term growth.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Website Traffic


“I have known Paul for few years professionally and on a personal level through out couple of roles he held in his career. He is a great talent who combines an in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry with an outgoing urge for success.

I could spend few hours describing the rare and unique talent he is, but I decided to put it in simple terms as I could be here for days: - Leader - Team player - Innovative - Focused - Positive - Dedicated - Honest - Loyal - Strategic - Original - Energetic - Knowledge - Experience - Will power.”

Ziad, Director of Ayonz Pty Ltd
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What product marketing was being done for EKO Android TVs?
The EKO Android TV range has been extremely successful via Big W and was released in late 2019. Most of the brand’s product marketing efforts were focussed on achieving catalogue exposure via the retailer who then stocked the products in 100+ retail stores around Australia & online. Getting the product promoted this way has helped develop brand awareness through leveraging the retailer’s household brand name heritage. 


Other marketing activities for EKO Android TV’s.
With limited resources the Ayonz Pty Ltd Team focussed its efforts around;

– securing approval from Google to use the Android TV platform (they even became a certified Android TV partner

– created a website platform

– establishing a social media profile on Facebook using the occasional ‘boosted’ post 

Beyond these two online platforms there was no other marketing activities being executed for the brand and the team identified this as a great opportunity to grow even more in Australia.


How did consumers find EKO Android TVs.
Over 90% of online search volume were for brand-owned terms. This indicated consumers were researching the brand once they saw it featured in Big W’s brochures or online advertising. Very generally, people wanted to know who made the brand, where was it from, did it have a warranty & of course what were the product reviews like.

What we discovered


The EKO brand had opportunities to have a more regular level of marketing activity beyond Big W's catalogue schedule.


The brand was being found using search terms that were 90% brand related vs more generic ones like 'Best Android TV'


Consumers wanted to know more about who the brand was and what it represented, this needed to be communicated on its platforms.


There wasn't a library of brand lifestyle shots to show off the range of Android TV's in different environments or for public relations.


The products hadn't been reviewed on popular technology or entertainment websites.


The brand was being talked about on lots of platforms so had a great opportunity to directly engage people online.

EKO Android TV Product Marketing

Our scope of work

La Lente was tasked with providing guidance and assistance to improve some of these areas for the brand, with a focus on improving their online presence.

  • Suggestions for website URL and page naming to improve SEO performance.
  • Improvements to Customer Contact Forms and tracking to lift the quality of information being received.
  • Create a repository of product images and assets for use on all online profiles.
  • Create online profiles for Product Review and Ozbargain to provide direct community engagement.
  • Implement new processes between the Sales and Marketing support teams to improve communication.
  • Create internal product databases for content, reviews and other materials to improve workflows.
  • Set up new online profiles on Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn.
  • Begin initial public relations outreach to generate reviews for the Android TV

The results we delivered

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range pr reviews


Within a short time period we helped make quick changes to the product marketing executions to deliver significant changes to how the brand was reaching consumers online. This also helped establish a new baseline for their team to work from to continue developing their efforts.


The combination of marketing activities that we assisted with helped to deliver improved results quickly. While it was all coming from a relatively low base the trends were extremely positive and demonstrated a change in consumer behaviour. The brand has enjoyed the most online search activity to its website in over 12 months with even the LinkedIn profile & Facebook page delivering visibility growth for the first time.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Website Traffic
New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range promoted Facebook posts
New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range LinnkedIn results
EKO Entertainment Facebook Page Fan Growth


We crafted a more defined brand positioning statement that was then used across all online profiles and the website to help people understand who EKO was and what the brand represented. This included a major change from their online name of EKO Consumer to EKO Entertainment that enabled a more generic position to be created & international opportunities. The range started with just TV's but as of June 2020 expanded to include other products like earphones, dvd players and sound bars. These fit perfectly with the idea of 'Entertainment'


The URL naming was changed to enable the brand to 'own' its identity across multiple countries to aid expansion. We also provided a number of suggestions as to how the page structures and key content elements should be presented to aid SEO. This included suggestions around improving UX with the removal of excess contact tabs, new 'About' and 'Warranty' pages and more. All the suggestions were derived from consumer insights data taken from online search behaviour from Google Analytics and Search Console.


We carefully selected online media partners to help create online review content for the brand to aid online search and discovery for the brand. Reviews were generated by Women Love Tech, EFTM, TechAU & TechGuide with a mix of earnt and paid coverage created. We ensured there were links to the retail parter and the brand to drive conversions.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Google SERP


We assisted in making improvements to the information being captured by the website that gave the Customer Service team more accurate information to reduce the turnaround time of support requests. The data was also collated to create a database of support requests that could be reviewed quickly with these consumer insights used for further brand improvements.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Contact Page Updates


New online profiles were set up to help the brand reach different types of Consumers or Industry contacts online. For each platform it enabled the brand to speak directly to people and engage with them online to improve Customer Service and general engagement.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Product Review Profile


We provided analysis from Google's reporting tools to provide Consumer insights that was used to make operational changes. It also enabled the team to see for the first time the amount of search volume was being created for the brand.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Google Search Trends


We worked closely with Women Love Tech to structure their review to aid SEO performance which helped deliver over 4,000 views with an incredible reading time of over 4 minutes on average. Their article has also achieved just over 15,000 search impressions in a short period of time meaning there will be long term benefit to the review content appearing online.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range WLT Review Page
New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Women Love Tech Search Trends


We helped put new practices in place that would generate assets and more visuals for the brand to lift its visual profile when used online. This included updates to their Instagram and Facebook profiles so they can build creating engaged communities.

New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Instagram Profile
New product marketing for the EKO Android TV Range Facebook Page

A few of our recent marketing service reviews

I engaged Paul to help tighten up my website. He was quick and gave good advice on where I could improve my sites language to be better found and more accessible.

Adam Beaumont
Director - With Purpose Consulting

I engaged Paul to provide marketing inputs to help our brand generate more leads. In a very short time he uncovered a number of marketing execution gaps, especially with our digital marketing. What impressed us was his ability to very quickly grasp lots of technical information and deliver a marketing audit that gave us a framework of practical steps across our sales & marketing teams to improve our results. 12 months on and Paul’s mix of website and seo development has seen the brand enjoy record visitor numbers, our highest ever organic search volumes & a constant flow of quality, Australian leads. His common sense, data driven approach to marketing has given us results that previous (very costly) agencies failed to deliver.

Michael Larobina
Chief Executive Officer - Realserve

“I’ve just navigated the website and gotta say I’m really blown away….looks Modern…jumps out at you and is so consumer informative…not to mention all the examples of work and case studies. Kudos to you for a mammoth effort.

We engaged Paul D’Ambra to revitalise our tired old website. Paul worked with our team diligently ensuring he educated himself on all aspects of our business and then went to work on creating an amazing website – Fresh – Interactive and Consumer informative.

I’m amazed at his professional work ethic and attention to detail.

Blown away by the end result and very grateful.”

Tony Hrvatin
Director - Genesis Retail Displays

“Contacted Paul after getting pushed around the ringer with other companies, straight from the start he told me what i needed to do to improve my company and gave me a detailed quote explaining this. very! very! happy with my new website and look forward to working with you further to develop my marketing strategies.”

Dylan Doncevski
Director of Passion Built

“Paul, thank you so much for the on-line marketing audit. Volumes of insight and practical examples of what needs to be done. Paul provides value well beyond expectations. We now have The Playbook!”

Andrew Mansfield
Director Genesis Retail Displays

“I feel like you have gone above and beyond what we were expecting. Really appreciate your efforts, also as an engineer loved the science backed nature of the whole process as well.

When above and beyond to ensure we got the best possible service. Paul also has great technical insights into the backend of SEO which really helped us to boost our profile.”

Shem Richards
Founder - Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

“Paul did a full website overhaul for us….in 10 days! Not only was he able to hit this timeline but he produced a very rich site. Our website gives our customers confidence, attracts far more prospective customers and provides a space that lives up to our mission. Impressive work Paul!

The process has been detailed, which has resulted in a very impressive site. The depth of the website is the key positive feedback from a lot of people who I’ve already shared it with.”

Jamin Richards
Director - Goldilocks Pty Ltd

“Paul at La Lente has recently been helping us with some backend website audits and it’s been a huge help to the company. Paul peels back the layers of secrecy around the backend of websites and tells you what works and what doesn’t – simple! So much easier and yet, his work is detailed and we’re already seeing the benefits. Would recommend Paul to anyone who’s not sure if they’re website is working at its optimum!”

Social Media Manager, Ozone Clinic

“The audit is like nothing I have ever seen before! Can’t wait to get through all of the points and dominate online with your help!”

James Becerra
Director - Switch Health Group