Small Business Website Development

This small business website development project had three key elements to it. Firstly we needed to help David Taubman regain control over his existing website and convert it from a custom CMS system back to WordPress. We then needed to provide keyword research, competitor insights and website content strategies to help David pivot his business in its new direction. Lastly we needed to implement all the changes while ensuring the site was mobile friendly.


“You’re a certified magician Paul!! So impressed with your work ethic and attention to detail.

As a small business coach, I couldn’t make a mistake in this space. My clients were all watching my progress very closely. Paul completely changed my perception on what could be done from our very first discussion. He was incredibly detailed oriented. Skilled in contemporary marketing strategy. He drove me to new benchmarks.

I thought I was driven and goal oriented until Paul showed me that he had gears I hadn’t seen before. He created a list of tasks and content for me to rip into. He was on me every day to get it done. He guided me on best practice and gave me wonderful suggestions when I hit an impasse. Meanwhile he was rebuilding my website. With a stronger presence for SEO and organic growth. Better content and with a niche in the business coaching market.

The site was lightning fast. Paul wouldn’t rest until the job was done. It was so seamless. Something worth noting is Paul’s huge experience in photography so he has an elite eye for imagery and branding.

I couldn’t be any happier and will continue to work with Paul as well as recommending him to my clients. He will not disappoint!”"

David Taubman, Director of The Path To Great Culture
David Taubman Small Business Website Development for David Taubman


How can I change my website from a Custom CMS System?
David approached us to solve the problem he had for his small business that had a website previously built on a Custom CMS platform. It meant that it was impossible for him to make his own website changes, the loading speed performance was terrible and he had no operational control over the site. He took the initial steps to rescue complete control over his site by getting access to his Domain Name and Hosting service, luckily his original website was built on WordPress and a backup was available.


Creating a staging site for website development.
The first step of this website development project was to create a WordPress based version of David’s current website so that he didn’t need to use the Custom CMS system any longer. So this meant creating a full rebuild of his old WordPress site and replicating the layout, colouring and content of his current live site. To achieve this we created a staging site where all the changes could be made and approved before going live on the internet.


Developing a website with search engine optimisation in mind.
Once David was satisfied that it was possible to get back to square one and have a website he could work on via WordPress the next phase of the project was to help him present the re-positioning of his business. David wanted to move from mentoring and speaking to be more focussed on Business Coaching in Melbourne. So before we did anything further to the website we conducted;

  • Industry and category keyword research.
  • Competitor review.
  • Top trending content review.
  • Consumer insight gathering with research into the top questions being asked about Business Coaching.
Armed with this information we created a structure for David to work to in order to create the new content, sections and information required for his website that included new service information, revised Testimonial content, blog content topics and more.


Focussing on your target customer with a website development project.
With a firm focus on the target customer type, we helped David re-imagine his website to create a punchy, high-energy site aimed at 30-40 year old male business owners in Melbourne. Everything was crafted to be quick to read with bold headings, deep content and insights from his 20+ years corporate experience.

Small business website design and SEO service on a mobile phone by Paul DAmbra from La Lente for Business Coach in Melbourne David Taubman

What we discovered


Even after David had engaged with different contractors to develop his website there had been less than 1,500 visitors in 2 years and in recent times the bounce rate (people leaving almost immediately) had jumped to over 70%.


The website wasn't being found for the services David had been offering. Luckily his reputation and well known identity was leading to organic traffic for his name, but little else was coming to the website meaning the seo development had been poor.


David's services were just not being found online. 56% of all visitors came from 'Direct' sources, just over 20% from LinkedIn and Facebook but hardly any from organic search.


The page titles, wording and content wasn't optimised for search engines or even popular topics which wasn't surprising after looking at the search data results.


Even with David's incredible breadth of experience there was little in the way of content that celebrated his wins or showcased some of the transformational business changes he has delivered.


The need for a business coach has been on the rise in recent years as owners struggle in a number of very saturated markets and with increased overseas or online competition. Therefore it became very apparent that David needed to stand out, have a punchier approach and focus efforts on ensuring his website content was high quality and informative to compete with other sites that had been established many years ago.

Small business website design and SEO service by Paul DAmbra from La Lente for Business Coach in Melbourne David Taubman

Our scope of work

This website development project took on two phases; re-establish a website on WordPress to enable self management then develop it to help David re-position his business in the market with a platform that could be worked on over time. 

  • Transition the website from a Custom CMS to WordPress.
  • Redesign the website in WordPress to replicate the current live site.
  • Review all page wording, titles and content to improve SEO performance.
  • Provide a list of content pieces to be written.
  • Set up, test and monitor Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google My Business.
  • Industry keyword analysis and competitor comparisons.
  • Google My Business profile optimisation.
  • Create new content like '30 Ways a Business Coach Can Help You'

The results we delivered

Small Business Website Search Impressions Increase after SEO Development


We successfully transitioned the website from a Custom CMS to WordPress & then delivered an impactful overhaul for the entire website giving a strong new visual look and feel with depth of information. We created a framework that David can now use to re-develop his business from and showcase his business coaching work.

David Taubman Path To Great Culture Keyword Phrase Search Results Performance


The work completed delivered the highest search impressions David's website had received in over 16 months and after two other agencies had worked on his website.


David's site immediately started to appear for more than 10 different keywords and phrases, including an average rank of 1.3 on Google for 'Small Business Coaching Melbourne'


A complete transition of all images, wording and content from a Custom CMS over to WordPress.


Google Page Speed Insight scores over 70 on Mobile and 90 on Desktop.


Revised page structure, titles and sub headings for all pages to simplify navigation and improve SEO.


Content creation ideas generated from consumer insights relating to business coaching.


Each page carefully crafted to deliver seo results quickly with relevant, topical and insightful information.

Small business website tips

What should every small business website have?

Every small business website should have some absolute basic fundamentals in place and the owner should understand what it is or isn’t delivering. Typing your own name into Google does not mean you rank #1. Instead type in the services you offer or things people would search for that doesn’t include your name, do you show up? Here are three basic items every small business owner should know about.


The most basic website reporting should show you how many visitors you are getting per month, what City they are coming from and how this compares to previous months. This gives you a basic understanding to work from.


An agency might guarantee you will be on the first page for 'A Business Coach' although there might only be 100 people searching for that compared to 10,000 people searching for 'Business Coaching'. Don't be fooled by gimmicks and ask the question about what people are searching for or have this information provided to you.


The other absolute fundamental that is needed to help a small business website is to make sure your Google My Business profile is optimised. This will help generate search traffic for your brand and to your website. An empty profile with just your name and phone number isn't enough.

A few of our recent marketing service reviews

I engaged Paul to help tighten up my website. He was quick and gave good advice on where I could improve my sites language to be better found and more accessible.

Adam Beaumont
Director - With Purpose Consulting

I engaged Paul to provide marketing inputs to help our brand generate more leads. In a very short time he uncovered a number of marketing execution gaps, especially with our digital marketing. What impressed us was his ability to very quickly grasp lots of technical information and deliver a marketing audit that gave us a framework of practical steps across our sales & marketing teams to improve our results. 12 months on and Paul’s mix of website and seo development has seen the brand enjoy record visitor numbers, our highest ever organic search volumes & a constant flow of quality, Australian leads. His common sense, data driven approach to marketing has given us results that previous (very costly) agencies failed to deliver.

Michael Larobina
Chief Executive Officer - Realserve

“I’ve just navigated the website and gotta say I’m really blown away….looks Modern…jumps out at you and is so consumer informative…not to mention all the examples of work and case studies. Kudos to you for a mammoth effort.

We engaged Paul D’Ambra to revitalise our tired old website. Paul worked with our team diligently ensuring he educated himself on all aspects of our business and then went to work on creating an amazing website – Fresh – Interactive and Consumer informative.

I’m amazed at his professional work ethic and attention to detail.

Blown away by the end result and very grateful.”

Tony Hrvatin
Director - Genesis Retail Displays

“Contacted Paul after getting pushed around the ringer with other companies, straight from the start he told me what i needed to do to improve my company and gave me a detailed quote explaining this. very! very! happy with my new website and look forward to working with you further to develop my marketing strategies.”

Dylan Doncevski
Director of Passion Built

“Paul, thank you so much for the on-line marketing audit. Volumes of insight and practical examples of what needs to be done. Paul provides value well beyond expectations. We now have The Playbook!”

Andrew Mansfield
Director Genesis Retail Displays

“I feel like you have gone above and beyond what we were expecting. Really appreciate your efforts, also as an engineer loved the science backed nature of the whole process as well.

When above and beyond to ensure we got the best possible service. Paul also has great technical insights into the backend of SEO which really helped us to boost our profile.”

Shem Richards
Founder - Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

“Paul did a full website overhaul for us….in 10 days! Not only was he able to hit this timeline but he produced a very rich site. Our website gives our customers confidence, attracts far more prospective customers and provides a space that lives up to our mission. Impressive work Paul!

The process has been detailed, which has resulted in a very impressive site. The depth of the website is the key positive feedback from a lot of people who I’ve already shared it with.”

Jamin Richards
Director - Goldilocks Pty Ltd

“Paul at La Lente has recently been helping us with some backend website audits and it’s been a huge help to the company. Paul peels back the layers of secrecy around the backend of websites and tells you what works and what doesn’t – simple! So much easier and yet, his work is detailed and we’re already seeing the benefits. Would recommend Paul to anyone who’s not sure if they’re website is working at its optimum!”

Social Media Manager, Ozone Clinic

“The audit is like nothing I have ever seen before! Can’t wait to get through all of the points and dominate online with your help!”

James Becerra
Director - Switch Health Group