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Website Product photography In Sydney

Southcott needed website product photography for their latest industrial hardware unit that had just been completed.

We did this website photography for industrial products manufacturer Southcott who needed new photos to sell their new product. Rather than this being a small item that can fit on a desk it was as large as a shipping container. 

The Southcott team needed a photographer who could work out how to take photos of such a large item in a warehouse, without moving it but create images that would be suitable for their website and marketing materials.

We worked closely with the Southcott team to prepare the photography session and make sure the environment was going to be suitable to create what they needed.


The brief for this photography session was to take photos of;

  • The new industrial unit.
  • The team using or working on the unit.
  • The unique selling features of the unit.
  • Details of the the design and engineering.
We managed to complete the photography session in a couple of hours without disrupting the workflow in the warehouse. We also produced a set of photos suitable for use on the website with transparent backgrounds. We also created a simple product video to compliment the photography.
The marketing materials were then created to provide their commercial sales teams and reseller partners.

A sample of our Website Product photography

product video creation

How can a business use photography?

How Customers search online.

These days Consumers will search online to find suitable businesses in their local area before they call or visit them. It means they are making decisions about your brand by what they see on your website, social media profiles or Google My Business listing. 

They will read reviews of course and browse your recent social media posts to get an idea of what you do but ultimately they’ll make a final decision if they feel they can trust you; you create this with great photography.

Customers will be looking at;

  • Whether the photos of your business are real.
  • Are the photos good quality.
  • Do they represent your business in a truthful way.
  • Do the photos feel like they have been bought or copied from Google

Businesses who don’t do a good job presenting themselves online simply won’t get considered during a Customer’s research phase. 

our recent reviews

I recently asked Paul to take some business shots of me for my speaking , coaching and training business . We met in a cafe at Maroubra and after lunch he did a few snaps in the cafe and on a quiet laneway. Within 24 hours he sent me the final product and I bought all of his 38 photos of me . They were that good . Super impressed with Paul direct no BS style , his speed and value for money

“We recently hired Paul to take photos of our retail location which comprises lifestyle, cafe, plants, garden. He was amazing. Did a thorough job in advance to know what we wanted so we could then work quickly on the day of shooting. He was self sufficient and worked quickly to get the shots done within our timeframe and budget. The shots he delivered were incredible and we literally chose everyone! Would highly recommend.”

“Paul was very fexible and accommodating when engaged to take professional photos of our executives and photograph our corporate Christmas dinner and entertainment. Paul was fun to work with on the night.”


more samples of our professional photography