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Website photography for an Architect

Arquero designed an incredible workspace in the heart of the city & wanted photography to show off this project on their website.

Arquero needed website photography to show off one of their latest design projects. Their current website had a mix of project renders and drawing plans but they wanted to inject some real photography of their work for people to see. This photography session was used to build a photo library that Arquero could use for different purposes for their architect business whether it was digital advertising, promotional materials and local area marketing. 

These office photos were taken at The Ivory Group in Sydney. The space was created and designed by Arquero who are a Sydney-based architecture practice with a vision to “create spaces marked by timeless architecture.” They do this for small-scale private homes to multi residential developments.

The brief for this photography session was to take photos of;

  • People interacting in the spaces.
  • Design details.
  • The different room types.
  • The spaces being used for different purposes.
  • Capture the natural light, bright, open environment.

Their photography brief was to bring to life the idea that a design should create a harmonious interplay of people and places. Although we couldn’t use the Ivory Group team members who were working in the space. We set about doing this carefully, without interrupting the people at their desks, and took the opportunity where possible to include people discretely in the background.

A sample of our website photography

A property location video

Moira's Review

“Paul was very personable, quick, and we love the way his photos turned out. We would certainly use him again for our commercial needs.”


How can a business use photography?

How Customers search online.

These days Consumers will search online to find suitable businesses in their local area before they call or visit them. It means they are making decisions about your brand by what they see on your website, social media profiles or Google My Business listing. 

They will read reviews of course and browse your recent social media posts to get an idea of what you do but ultimately they’ll make a final decision if they feel they can trust you; you create this with great photography.

Customers will be looking at;

  • Whether the photos of your business are real.
  • Are the photos good quality.
  • Do they represent your business in a truthful way.
  • Do the photos feel like they have been bought or copied from Google

Businesses who don’t do a good job presenting themselves online simply won’t get considered during a Customer’s research phase. 

See more samples of our professional photography


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