Toyota Hilux Carsales photography.

A professional car photography photo session to create photos for use on Carsales for a Toyota Hilux, one of Australia’s highest selling vehicles.

Paul needed a Carsales photography session for his Toyota Hilux. He had the car listed already using photos taken with his mobile phone, but wasn’t getting any enquiries but needed to sell his car quickly.

Paul decided to get Paul professional photography in a bid to stand out on the listings and find the right buyer quickly. This became even more important because the Toyota Hilux has become become one of the highest selling vehicles in Australia meaning there is lots of competition in the second hand car market online.

So our brief was to do car photography and create a mix of photos to be used on Carsales and other sites to help sell this car quickly.

We decided to take photos at a few different locations to create different looks and a mix of photos that would create interest for potential buyers. This included a few hero photos and detailed shots to highlight key features of the vehicle.

Paul's Review

“Paul had all the locations planned with the resulting shots better than I could ever have imagined. In these days of using phones for our photos you will not be disappointed by getting professional shots for your special occasion. Could not recommend Paul’s service’s higher.”


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A sample of our car photography

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