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Photo shoot for a Toyota Hilux

A professional car photo shoot in Sydney can create high quality photos for Carsales, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Paul wanted to sell his Toyota Hilux quickly. He booked a photo shoot to get professional photos taken after he had tried for many weeks to sell his Hilux after taking photos with his mobile phone.

The poor quality photos he had taken of this vehicle just blended in with the thousands of other vehicles online for sale, so he got zero enquiries even though it was priced competitively.

He needed to sell the vehicle quickly because he was moving overseas for work. So he decided to get a professional car photographer to take photos for him so that he could find a buyer quickly.

This is an important consideration because the Toyota Hilux has become become one of the highest selling vehicles in Australia meaning there is lots of competition in the second hand car market with thousands of listings online.

The photo shoot session was booked and we used La Perouse in Sydney as the location. The goal was to create a few hero images that could be used as the main preview thumbnail image to attract attention & a mix of lifestyle photos. 

All the images had to be suitable to be used on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Carsales for the online car classifieds listings.

Being a professional car photographer in Sydney I  decided to take photos at a few different locations to create a mix of images that would create interest for potential buyers. This included a few hero photos in a bushland area, photos by the water and detailed shots to highlight key selling features of the vehicle.

One of the fortunate aspects of this session was the pedestrians passing by the vehicle. Many of the people were either families or the elderly, so I waited for the perfect moment to capture a young couple returning from the beach because they fit the scene perfectly. It captured the idea of them walking back to their Hilux after some time on the beach. While it wasn’t the perfect lifestyle photo shoot scenario, it created some interest for the vehicle & a great hero shot.

The photo session took about forty five minutes to complete & the final edited photos were available within seven days.

Paul's review of the photo shoot

“Paul had all the locations planned with the resulting shots better than I could ever have imagined. In these days of using phones for our photos you will not be disappointed by getting professional shots for your special occasion. Could not recommend Paul’s service’s higher.”


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Image samples from the photo shoot session

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