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Go karting locations in sydney

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to either indoor or outdoor rental go karting venues in Sydney.



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Moore Park

New go kart track in Sydney
The newest go karting location in Sydney is Hyper Karting located in Moore Park a few minutes outside the city. Ok, they are electric, but, they have torque available the instant you press the accelerator so they get up to speed quickly. Unlike the 4-stroke karts at most other go karting locations you don’t have to wait for them to build their speed up, you get more of an instant rush.

Sure there isn’t the smell of petrol or the exhaust sounds but if you love a sense of speed, you won’t really care considering most karts just sound like lawn mowers anyway. 

Live online timing
Hyper Karting uses German manufactured RiMO electric karts that are faster than their equivalent petrol models. They have a modern set up with F1 style steering wheel, electric boost button and some of them have a display to show your timing live on the wheel or you can use your smartphone.

The other great part is their connection with RaceFacer that can track your sessions, lap times & compare with friends to see who is faster.

It is one of the longest tracks available in Sydney that you can race on, they used Level 5 of The Entertainment Quarter car park to build it. To keep everyone safe each kart is speed limited, the power increases slowly based on your lap times making it suitable for all ages & experience levels. 

Open every day, all-day
Incredibly, Hyper Karting is open every day between 7.15 am to 12.30 am & they have variable pricing depending on the day or time. You can book instantly online & can see exactly how busy it is with their website synchronised to whoever is racing at the venue. 


Costs just $19
Pricing starts at just $19 for a 15 minute session which makes it one of the cheapest go karting choices available in Sydney. Lap times average around 45 seconds so you can get between 13 to 17 laps each booking which is plenty considering it is a fairly tight & twisty track layout.

Parking is simple and depending on the time of day you get two hours for free or it is $7 after 6pm. There is plenty of places for friends or family to spectate from, including an inner viewing area where you can see nearly all the track.
Every time you race you are given a wristband that unlocks even more discounts for future bookings & if you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off your first session.

Kids go kart track
There is also a separate mini go-kart track for kids which makes this a great location to take a family. For kids aged 3–7 years they have Nano Karts to allow them to get on the track in a safe and fun way. Parents can either supervise next to the track or sit behind their child on the kart. Each kart can be controlled wirelessly, giving real-time control on the speed of the kart. Kids taller than 140cm are able to use our main track and karts.

A lot of go kart centres in Sydney will promote their karts as capable of achieving 80 km/h to 100 km/h but that will probably be based on manufacturer specs, being in mint condition, non-restricted & of course having a track that has the length or shape for a kart to reach that type of speed.

Indoor go kart locations are typically tight, twisty layouts with maybe one or two straights where average speeds will be relatively low. They still feel fast because of the enclosed space and proximity of barriers, posts and walls.

Outdoor go kart locations are typically more ‘open’ with a wider circuit that is more free flowing & will enable higher top speeds if the karts are capable of doing them. The wider tracks are typically longer than indoor venues with longer straights.

Most go kart hire venues will have either 4-stroke 12 horsepower karts or electric carts that are capable of up to 80 km/h. The fastest go karts for hire in Sydney would be;

  • Picton Karting using their TB RMAX Karts powered 125cc ROTAX MAX 2 stroke kart reaching speeds up to 110km/h
  • Wollongong Karting using their Hire Performance Kart that has a Yamaha racing engine with a 15, 000 RPM limit.

Yes – you can crash in go karting, plain and simple. It is a form of motorsport & as such, anything can happen. The chances of crashing are relatively limited though. Most go kart rental locations in Sydney have specially built karts that have rubber or metal protection around the outside of the kart. This ensures the wheels and occupant are protected in most situations.

A lot of newer hire karts will also have either a seat belt or a harness to keep you strapped into the kart.

The design of a go kart means it is very wide & low to the ground. So while it is possible for a kart to flip up in the air, the chances of this happening are very slim, there simply isn’t the power or force available to get them up on two wheels.

People may get injured if they are rammed by another driver without warning. They may not be able to brace for impact and suffer neck or shoulder pain afterwards, but this will vary based on the speed of impact. You will see a bit of bumping and nudging which is fairly normal considering the various experience levels on the track, but that is also part of the fun.

All tracks are required to have safety equipment on hand and their staff will be monitoring for dangerous behaviour at all times. Each location will also run through a safety briefing to make sure people clearly understand the rules.

If you are renting a 2 stroke or 4 stroke racing go kart then things may be a little different as these don’t have all the extra levels of protection that rental karts do. These purpose built machines are for competitive racing so their wheels & engines are typically more exposed while also having higher performance levels. It is possible for a crash to occur with these types of go karts but typically these are using in competition where each driver has a high level of respect for competitors and their environment.

You obviously must wear a helmet, gloves are optional, covered shoes are a must & you can even have your own helmet with Hans device or a neck brace collar.

Getting whiplash from using a go kart is possible. It can happen when the body is jerked violently in a certain way. Whiplash is the result from almost any car accident, a go-kart, could even be in a golf cart or even being hit hard playing rugby league. Speed can be a factor in whiplash and neck pain injuries but it comes from the sudden shift in force on the body.
When go karting if a driver hits a wall at speed or another driver crashes into another kart at speed this can potentially cause whiplash, a bit like dodgem cars when they collide.
To reduce the chances of whiplash drivers can keep their distance from other karts & obviously avoid contacting any of the barriers. You can even wear a neck collar under your helmet to reduce the possible movement of your neck.
Go karting can hurt that’s for sure. It can hurt when you are slower than your friends, it might even hurt if you get lapped by everyone in your race. The most it can hurt is from laughing and smiling from having so much fun.
Depending what go kart you are driving & how fast it is, go karting can hurt the day after as your body recovers from the bumping or forces from being thrown around a race track.
The most common body parts that will hurt might be your neck, shoulders, hands and maybe even the insides of your knees. This can be from gripping a steering wheel tightly, moving around in your seat or trying to brace your body.
To avoid getting hurt in a go kart you have to try and find one that has a seat that you fit tightly into. The less you slide around in your seat, the more comfortable you will feel & not need to brace yourself with your legs or hold tightly onto the steering wheel.
If the go kart has a harness, the tighter this can be adjusted, the better. It will mean you are held firmly in the seat and not move around during cornering. If you wear a neck brace under your helmet this can reduce the forces on your neck.
When you finish your go karting session the first thing to do is have a hot shower to loosen your muscles. There will be soreness that you feel after go-karting that is absolutely normal. The stress that’s put on your muscles produces tiny tears on them. Once they heal up, they’re stronger than before and won’t hurt as much. Driving a go kart uses arm, shoulder, back and stomach muscles that get a workout and have to endure the cornering or braking forces of the kart at speed.
Not many people realise but karting can be great exercise. There is a pretty big physical effort required in order to drive a kart. It is pretty demanding and can  elevate your heart rate (cardio), exposes you to G-forces (strength), and requires a large amount of physical output from a driver to keep going at high speeds. 
Most rental kart locations in Sydney will offer ten or fifteen minute sessions. The karts can run longer than this, but humans typically can’t handle the effort required to keep going. So anyone that is relatively fit might outlast their competitors simply by having better cardio & not getting tired while driving.

Luddenham Raceway is 1,400 metres long

Picton Karting is 640 metres long

Sydney Premier Karting Track is up to 1,700 metres long depending on the configuration

Go karting is generally accepted as being a non contact sport, and typically in competition bumping will lead to punishment on the track. That could be a warning flag or a time penalty or even disqualification. Go karting is the feeder to open wheel racing so that is the discipline expected from racers.
For rental go karts there is a bit of bumping which is to be expected as it is entertainment and so many people with different experience levels. If it is seen as deliberate or dangerous, then people will typically be slowed down, warned or even removed from participating.
All the rental go karts available at locations in Sydney are automatic. There is just an accelerator or brake to control the speed of the kart which makes it easy for anyone to drive. Unlike a car, the pedals are on the far left and far right of the kart with the steering wheel in the middle. So you accelerate with your right foot and brake with your left foot.
This is a little unusual for some people to get used to, especially if they have driven a vehicle most of their life. Although you get used to it relatively quickly.