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Lotus Sports Car Photography in Sydney

Professional sports car photography in Sydney

These sets of sports car photography were taken in different locations around Sydney. We can take photos day or night and in different Sydney locations that are perfect for car photography.

Sports car photography could be used to sell your car on carsales, make photo prints for your home or even for insurance purposes.

The first step to organising a sports car photography session is to work out what style of photo you are after. Normally it would be either industrial, minimalist, by the ocean, in a forest or it could even be moving photography at the race track.

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A sample of our sports car photography

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Learn more about La Lente  on our About Us page. We are available 7 days a week to provide professional photography services for events, partiescars or for business requirements. Paul D’Ambra from La Lente is a Sydney photographer with over 200 reviews with thousands of photo samples you can look at in our photo galleries

We have a range of photography packages to suit any budget.

Our photography is also available for commercial or small business photos to be used on websites, advertising or other promotional materials. 

We have 20 years marketing experience and can make sure your photography delivers business results quickly.