Ferrari Portofino Sports Car Photographer Sydney

A sports car photo shoot in Sydney for a sleek black Ferrari Portofino convertible.

This Ferrari Portofino sports car photography was taken around the Sydney Superyacht Marina area near Anzac Bridge. It was a great location for car photography with a mix of car park areas, buildings, water and the city skyline to create some great car photos.

The owner wanted professional car photography so his car could be listed on a sports car rental website, so they needed to be hi-resolution photos of his Ferrari Portofino.

The Ferrari Portofino replaced the California as the entry-level offering from the house of the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari California, launched in 2008, became the Italian carmaker’s most successful model due to its entry level price for the sports car range. 

At just over $400,000 on road it isn’t a budget sports car and typically Ferrari models hold their value well. Exclusivity is paramount in the classic sports car world demonstrated by a 1963 Ferrari GTO that recently sold for US$70 million – thought to be the highest price ever paid for a car.

We used this sports car photography location to take a mix of still and moving photos. It was easy to do with lots of great afternoon light and very quite streets that let the owner drive by at 50km/h to create an illusion of speed for the moving shots. 

We also created a black and white set of photos that were a little bit moody and highlighted some of the design details of the Ferrari Portofino sports car. The photo set had some light styling applied, a small amount of retouching and colour grading to all the images. 

We provide a range of car photography prices to suit all types of needs whether it is a simple carsales photo shoot or something on location for a classic or sports car to be photographed.

Ferrari Portofino sports car photography samples

A few of our recent sports car photography reviews

“Wow. It’s tempting NOT to sell now.”

“Paul is extremely friendly and easy to work with. Paul has an amazing talent for photography and is able to capture an object or person in a unique way. Would highly recommend.”

“It was great working with Paul for our car photo shoot, whole process was smooth and easy and the result was amazing!”

“Fantastic work by Paul and very easy to work with. We are extremely happy with our photos from our car photo shoot. Defiantly will use Paul for future events”

“Paul had all the locations planned with the resulting shots better than I could ever have imagined. In these days of using phones for our photos you will not be disappointed by getting professional shots for your special occasion. Could not recommend Paul’s service’s higher.”


Why is Car Photography a good idea?

If you want to stand out on carsales, then getting a professional photo shoot can create amazing memories.

  • You will get photos of your car that are taken with the correct lighting, contrast and depth of field to add impact for wall prints or canvas. 
  • Professional photos can provide better perspective and angles to show off your car better.
  • The smaller lens aperture of a phone camera can give good results in reasonable lighting, but can’t compete in mixed lighting conditions, you simply can’t get enough light through the small camera hole on the phone.
  • A professional photographer has experience taking photos in different conditions, locations and knows how to use different situations to create great car photos.
  • A professional will know how to manage things for your car photo shoot like;
    • What time of day to take the photos.
    • What angles will work best for your type of car.
    • Do a few test shots first to make sure everything is set correctly.
    • Understand how to create the right composition.
    • Keep an eye on things like shadows or backgrounds that can be distracting.
    • See great design elements or key things to show off in your listing like design details.
    • Making sure the photos look genuine and not from a magazine photo shoot or image from Google.

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