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Daimler classic Car PhotographER in Sydney

This Black 1966 Daimler 250 with its 2.5 litre V8 needed professional car photography to be sold at an online auction.

We had the pleasure of providing classic car photography in Sydney for this vehicle located in Dural. The owner was preparing to list it for sale via auction on All Bids. The Daimler 250 was the last classic car to feature a Daimler engine after the company was acquired by Jaguar in 1960. The 2.5 litre hemispherical V8 was designed by Edward Turner and first used in the SP250 Dart sports car. This was also the first Jaguar-designed car to have the Daimler badge, positioned as a ‘premium’ or luxury vehicle.

It was launched in late 1962 and was basically a rebadged Jaguar Mark 2 with Daimler’s smooth V8, drive train, unique fluted grille, wheel trims, badges and interior details. The majority of cars had power assisted steering with a standard automatic transmission.

La Lente Classic Car Photographer Sydney 1966 Daimler 2.5L Sedan V8 Black and white photo of door open

La Lente offers a range of car photography services & we particularly enjoy taking photos of classic cars as they have so much character, design details & history. This particular vehicle has an interesting history. The wife of Sydney boat builder Harold Halvorsen flew all the way to England to handpick the tree for the timber that was used to construct the interior. The car remained in that family for most of its life and even still has the ‘running-in’ sticker on the windscreen and the key holder pouch with her initials on it. The condition of this Daimler 250 felt almost new – the seats, the dash, the door trims and even the window felts were just immaculate.

This classic car photography session concentrated on capturing those details as well as the unique design elements of the car to help capture its character and minor details.

La Lente Classic Car Photographer Sydney 1966 Daimler 2.5L Sedan V8 Black and white photo key in dash

Where possible it is always good to be able to choose a great location to take photos that can suit the style of the car. For a classic car photo shoot like this one a great spot would have been the ICMS building in Manly or maybe the old wall behind the Park Hyatt in Sydney.

By placing the vehicle in a complimentary location the photos created can really add to the character and feel of the photoset delivered. For this photo shoot that wasn’t possible as the vehicle was being prepared for sale.

La Lente Classic Car Photographer Sydney 1966 Daimler 2.5L Sedan V8 Black and white photo of start button

Recent reviews from our car photography

“So I have sold and bought quite a few cars over the years through Carsales. Presentation is the key to a good advert – let the buyer see what they are getting, stand out from others etc and this is where La Lente help your car stand out. High quality photos, high resolution mean that your car will look just that little bit (in some case a lot) better than the others.

I recently sold a car that I thought would take quite a while to move so that’s were the investment in some high quality photos, a cut above your shaky hand iPhone efforts came in. Sold on carsales in less than 24 hours and I’m sure the photos played a big part in that.

The good thing about Paul is that he is in to cars which helps the process.”

Peter Cheesman
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“Paul had all the locations planned with the resulting shots better than I could ever have imagined. In these days of using phones for our photos you will not be disappointed by getting professional shots for your special occasion. Could not recommend Paul’s service’s higher.”

Paul Busst
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“I engaged Paul for some classic car photography services on a vehicle I was putting to auction. The communication and level of professionalism from the start was impressive, but more impressive was the quality of images. Expectations far exceeded, I look forward to working with you again in future.”

Ben Hastings
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“Engaged Paul to take a photo of my Motorcycle for Bikesales. He was very responsive over the emails when organising the photo shoot. During the shoot, his instructions were clear and easy to work with. The delivery of the photos were timely and very professional. Would definitely recommend La Lente.”

Sam Chiew
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“Wow. It’s tempting NOT to sell now.”

via eMail

“Paul is extremely friendly and easy to work with. Paul has an amazing talent for photography and is able to capture an object or person in a unique way. Would highly recommend.”

Adam Davies
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“I found Paul through a google search and I am delighted to report that he has exceeded my expectations at every step of the project. The resulting set of photographs are simply amazing and demonstrate Paul’s eye and photo finishing skills – I couldn’t recommend him more highly and hope you have the same experience”

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“Fantastic work by Paul and very easy to work with. We are extremely happy with our photos from our car photo shoot. Defiantly will use Paul for future events”

Marissa Hatzi
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“It was great working with Paul. I could easily tell that he is very passionate about what he does. He was more than happy to work with my ideas on some of the shots on the day. His attention to detail and skills were hard to miss. Knowing all the right angles to go with different backgrounds and lighting helped in the amazing result.

I’m really happy with how the photos came out. Would definitely recommend La Lente to anyone.”

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“It was great working with Paul for our car photo shoot, whole process was smooth and easy and the result was amazing!”

Nick Xu
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“Paul did amazing at capturing photos for my car, he was the perfect mix of being professional as well as quite funny which made for a great shoot!”

Blake Smuc
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What is the benefit of hiring a classic car photographer?

Before you take a look at the photos we took on this photo shoot, take a look at some typical mobile phone taken images that people are using to sell a vehicle. 

As an owner of a classic car your potential buying audience could be any collector across Australia. Getting professional photos taken will help maximise the resale value and attract a large number of buyers. The images will stand out on website listings & the detail will inspire confidence in potential buyers immediately.

Photos taken with mobile phones or by people who are not experienced at taking photos of cars will typically suffer from poor composition, an inability to deal with tricky lighting conditions and provide very little creativity.

A professional photographer solves all of those problems, takes better quality photos & can capture the essence of the vehicle to grab the most attention of buyers. 

Typical photos taken using a mobile phone

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